Drop Shots ages 5-7

Fun experience for a first-time player. Beginner clinic to introduce players to the game of tennis and the fundamentals: ground strokes, volley, and serve. This clinic offers players the basics needed to enjoy a lifetime sport. 1 hour clinic and 30 minutes hitting with mom, dad, and the student. Cost $20.00 per Clinic

Aces 6-8

This clinic is a fun tennis experience for players that have developed the ability to rally. It is a beginner clinic to introduce the fundamentals of strategy. Players will also start learning spins, directionals, and movement. This clinic offers an opportunity to start on your match training pathway! 1 ½ hour clinic Cost $20.00 per Clinic

Top Spinners 7-10

This clinic is for beginners to intermediate level players that want to gain confidence in all their strokes. Players in this clinic will also improve on their shot selection, ball control, and power with all shots. This clinic will consist of fast-paced drills, point play, and strategy training. Drills will focus on consistency, shot selections, winning pattern of play, and developing a game style. 1 ½ hour clinic Cost $20.00 per Clinic

Future Stars Middle School to High School 12+

This clinic offers both singles and doubles drills in a fast-paced environment. Drills are designed to help players take their game to the next level. The most important element of this clinic will be game based drills designed to teach strategy and tactics. Players will also establish the PCMED method of breaking down their opponents. 1 ½ hour clinic Cost $20.00 per Clinic


The philosophy of this program is to teach highly motivated varsity and tournament players to develop the tactical skills needed to increase success during competition. The goal of this program is to promote superior mental confidence and athleticism to evaluate and take ownership of match play situations for total success. 1 ½ hour clinic Cost $25.00 per Clinic

FUNdamental Tennis Summer League

This is a once weekly match play where the player can take their game to the next level and practice the skills that they have been working on during their clinics. All players will be put in divisions that are based on their level of play. End of the league trophies will be awarded to both 1st and 2nd place of each division. No Cost

*Minimim of 4 players

What do I need for FUNdamental Tennis Clinic?

  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Need a racket? No problem! We have loaners, please let us know at registration if you need one!