One of the biggest questions we get asked is “How do you pick the correct racket size?”. This is a very important question and regardless of ability or skill level the simplest way to determine the correct racket size is to pick the racket based on the players age. Because kids are continually growing there will be a constant change in equipment sizes to accommodate this. Please see the table below as a guide for determining what racket size to use for your child.

Under 4Under 39″19″
4-5 Years40 – 44″21″
6-8 Years45 – 49″23″
9-10 Years50 – 55″25″
10 and up55″+26″

At FUNdamental Tennis, we will make sure to size your child appropriately for their racket – and if they don’t have their own racket, no problem! We will supply a racket for them.

Mostly sizing your racket comes down to personal preference, so once your child reaches a certain age and height, they will want to use what is most comfortable for them – and what type of racket suites their style of play the best!