Another big question we get asked is, “What size court do kids play on?”. USTA guidelines specify the different court sizes that children should play on based on their age – they also specify what type of ball they should play with. The image below details the court sizes from ages 8 and under up to age 11.

USTA Court Sizes

Tennis balls are another large piece of equipment that needs to be sized correctly in order for the player to maximize their development. Lower compression balls are designed to bounce lower and move slower – this allows the player more time to get set up for their next shot. In addition to allowing the player more time for their next shot, they can also strike the ball at a height that is comfortable to them. FUNdamental Tennis provides the correct sized balls for players of all ages to ensure that they are having fun and learning the correct way to play the game. Click here to visit the USTA website for more detailed information about court sizes, racket sizes and what types of balls to use for kids.